Germans Vs. French Playtest

Hey all,

So Bryn and I managed to get a Germans Vs. French playtest in before Thanksgiving.

As with the British playtest we threw all six German Ship Cards against the six French Ship Cards that’ll be in the Core Box Set.

We set up almost exactly like the previous playtest.

German vs French Playtest_Photo1.jpg

Once again, the first few turns rolled out similarly to the Germans vs. British, with Bryn splitting his forces and me surging to the left.

German vs French Playtest_Photo2.jpg

Because of the back-and-forth maneuvering on the board you tend to see with the French as they continually try and line up aerial torpedo shots, you’ll note that one of my Light Cruisers and two Destroyers are heading back along the lines they just moved previously.

German vs French Playtest_Photo3.jpg

Unlike the last game where I spun all my forces up the left side of the playing area (from my POV), because of that back and forth noted above, I decided two try and swarm my three destroyers from two different directions onto the German battleship Baden.

German vs French Playtest_Photo4.jpg

On the far side of the playing area you’ll see my battleship with all three German destroyers swarming. Despite my best efforts, they were able to slide into the Starboard side where I’d been savaged by the German Bracketing Crew ability and I lost my Battleship that turn. However, I took two ships with it as it fell from the skies.

In the meantime my destroyers systematically annihilated the Stern Location, leaving the Baden unable to move.

German vs French Playtest_Photo5.jpg

After destroying my battleship, Bryn rushed the Tiger over to do what it’s purpose-built for: Defensive Screening (I’ll share the details on this specialty ship in a future blog)…trying to protect that mortally wounded Stern Location. However, by this point I still had all the ships active with torpedoes, including the wonderfully fun French Lave Light Cruiser with its two torpedoes per side, and by sheer attrition (coming from every side and some good rolls) I was able to destroy the German battleship.

German vs French Playtest_Photo6.jpg

As with the British playtest, this game appears to coincide with the playtest feedback we’ve been receiving…namely that while one or two of the ships need some tweaking, on the whole we’re right on track and it leaves the Germans with a great feeling during game play.

At this point we’ll probably go ahead and make those tweaks and re-send out to the larger playtesting group as well as re-running the British vs. Germans ourselves once more.

And of course hopefully I’ll finally get those pesky Italians done and have a playtest report to share sometime in December as well.

See ya next duty shift!


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