New Ship Sign

Hey all,

Amazing how the weeks at the end of a year fly by, especially as you’re hard at work trying to unstick several production projects.

Much to my shock a sample of the “final production” miniatures, exactly as they’ll appear in the Core Box Set fell out of the mail yesterday. As I always promise, as soon as I had a moment to catch my breath, I’m sharing these.

Now the miniatures we received at Gen Con, while the decks were painted different for the British and French, the hulls were the same color, when the French were suppose to be lighter. Now we wanted the British to actually get a darker hull, but ultimately the French were considerably lightened. Considering we learned that the British were almost lightened after we explicitly told them to darker the British, we’ll take it.

Additionally, the tray as been completely revamped. The previous vacuum tray the ships sat in did not have a lid (just a plastic bag), so the pieces for the stands just cascaded everywhere. Additionally, the miniatures were held in place so tight it was the labors of Hercules to extract a ship without bending a turret or shearing off masts. However, the new vacuum tray is almost perfect in every way. It’s got a lid that holds everything in place and the ships simply slide in and out of their positions with ease.

Leviathans_New Tray & Paint_Photo1.jpg

Leviathans_New Tray & Paint_Photo2.jpg

Leviathans_New Tray & Paint_Photo3.jpg

Leviathans_New Tray & Paint_Photo4.jpg

So what does this mean for a Street Date? We don’t know. Supposedly this means that all the Core Box Set miniatures are done and they’re working on the Fleet Sets. We’re waiting on visual confirmation of that so we can make the hard call of trying to wait for the fleet sets, or simply pull the trigger to get the Core Box Set moving immediately so we can have it out first quarter next year.

As always, as soon as I have news, you will!

Thanks for all the patience, crewmen…

See ya next duty shift!


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