…And Now For Something Completely Different

So this is something that we’ve been slowly kicking around behind the scenes…though to be honest, I’d not even opened the file in over a year. But as we continue to make headway to solving the production issues, I decided it would be a good time to take a look at this again, update it, and start using it and see what happens.

It’s a computer game for Leviathans based on some shareware. I did a screen capture below to show a game on my computer in action to give you a quick idea of what it currently looks like.


So, what exactly does this mean? To be honest, no idea. Will we release this for people to purchase? No idea. Will it instead be released for free? No idea. Will there be an open alpha test? No idea. When could it come out? No idea?

I think you get the picture. Ultimately I absolutely believe the universe and visuals are cool and robust enough to support a full-fledged, AAA title. But in the mean time, we’re exploring every option, including this little computer game that would allow people to connect and play the board game online.

If you guys are interested in this, or interested in an alpha test, then by all means, let me know. It’ll certainly give me good ammunition for what the community would like to see as we explore this option more fully.



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