Leviathans Further Update

At the end of the day I’ve received numerous boxes of Leviathans during this long process…don’t know how many inner trays I went through as we constantly banged on it to make it what it needs to be.

Yet today was the very first day where I received a Core Box Set that was shrink wrapped…meaning the box I open is the box that should appear on your store shelves in the not-too-distant future!!!

Since I have to unwrap it and go through every last piece one last time to make sure it’s all good, thought I’d take you along the trip (many of you have seen a lot of photos similar to this, but this showcases the un-boxing of what you’ll hopefully be doing yourselves relative soon).

Leviathans FinalSampleApproval 1

Opening a box and seeing the treasure lying beneath…man there’s something so awesome in that.

Leviathans FinalSampleApproval 2

It may be hard to tell, but see that extra shiny? SHRINK WRAP!

Leviathans FinalSampleApproval 3

Pull off the lid (nice and tight fit), and the waft of new game smell fills the house; better than mom’s bread rolls, baby.

Leviathans FinalSampleApproval 4

One of the things we found is that the inner tray works fine for personal use, but surviving overseas shipping to stores…mmm…not so much. So some inserts were included to ensure your Core Box Set lands on your gaming table in top condition.

Leviathans FinalSampleApproval 5

Pull out the largest insert…and you’ve got ships…mmm…shiny.

Leviathans FinalSampleApproval 6

Stop typing and give us a closer shot!

Leviathans FinalSampleApproval 7

The dice insert is removed and pulling up the maps shows the insert below it as well.

Leviathans FinalSampleApproval 8

Remove that insert and you see a bevy of paper just waiting to be un-shrink wrapped.

Leviathans FinalSampleApproval 9

How much paper, you ask? That much.

Leviathans FinalSampleApproval 10

How does all that look spread out? Like this.

Leviathans FinalSampleApproval 11

Enough with the paper! Back to those beautiful ships!

Leviathans FinalSampleApproval 12

And yes, I turned all of the French turrets onto the British (apparently the British are distracted, because their turrets are all willy-nilly).

Leviathans Pallets At Printer

And the best photo I’ve seen in a very, very long time is a great way to wrap this post up.

Once again, there is NO Street Date yet…but this is another crazy good step forward.

We’re almost there, crew!

See ya next duty shift.


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