Calling On Origins Leviathans Community!

I’ll provide multiple reports on Leviathans at Origins, but first and foremost simply wanted to confirm that we did in fact sale a few dozen copies the Core Box Set at Origins.

OriginsAtLeviathans 1

I’ll get more into the whole experience, what it meant, and so on, in future updates. For now, however, I want this to be about the community and those players that were able to grab a copy.


I, along with the entire community, want to share your experiences, to read about you playing the game either at Origins or especially at home. We want to see you un-boxing, putting stands on the miniatures, tossing dice and more.

For all those that managed to walk away with the first copies, please send your photos and a letter to the community surrounding your experience to and I’ll post them in the coming days and weeks to the Community page.

Note that I’ll need to review and approval all your submissions (no sailor tongue or can-can ankles)…but beyond that, what you send me is what I’ll post.


Obviously the rest of you want to know when you’ll get your copies…they’re coming…we just need to wait a little bit longer before we can put up the pre-order, start talking about release dates, and so on.

See ya next duty shift.


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