What’s In A Fleet Box?: Updated

While it’s clarified in the FAQ, I’ve seen enough people asking this question that I felt I’d spell it out with photos so everyone knows exactly what these items offer.

UPDATED: There’s been some great questions asked, so I thought I’d expand this post so you know exactly what we’re doing and what you’ll be getting in each Fleet Box.

British Fleet Box

Here’s a photo of the inner tray, which includes the miniatures, stands and dice (taken at the factory, so apologies for the lighting). These plastic miniatures are identical to the 4 British miniatures found in the Core Box Set (the single dice set are also identical to the two dice sets found in the Core Box Set).

BritishFleetBox Tray MiniaturesThis next photo covers the paper material found in the British Fleet Box, namely four new unique Ship Cards and corresponding Recognition Cards. The entire package comes in a box almost exactly half the size of the Core Box (though not as deep); i.e. two Fleet Boxes stack almost perfectly on top of a Core Box Set.

BritishFleetBox PaperContents

French Fleet Box

The same deal applies to the French Fleet Box; i.e. exact same French miniatures from the Core Box Set, with an added set of dice, and then new, unique Ship Cards and corresponding Recognition Cards.

FrenchFleetBox Tray Miniatures

FrenchFleetBox PaperContents

New Unique Ship Cards?

Before diving into this discussion, I’m going to cut and paste a sidebar from the Commander’s Manual here:

    Leviathans refers to various ships in several different ways: Type, class and class variations.

    Type: Type refers to categories of ships that fill similar roles despite some differences in construction, deployment and country naming conventions: for example, Battleship (Type 4); Armoured Cruiser, Protected Cruiser and so on (Type 3); Light Cruiser, Fast Cruiser and so on (Type 2); and Destroyer, Air Destroyer and so on (Type 1).

    Class: Class refers to unique ship designs within a ship Type. For example, the D-class (British) and Grenouille-class (French) are unique ships when compared to each other, and yet they are both Destroyers (Type 1).

    Class Variations: If a leviathan receives modifications that change its game statistics but leave the ship illustration the same (that is, the modifications are all basically “under the hood”), a new name designation is applied, but the vessel remains the same class of ship. For example, if players look at the HML Anfield, the HML Trafford and the HML Raven Ship Cards, they’ll notice the illustrations are the same on all three cards, but each has subtle differences in game play statistics (that is, they bear different names because of those changes, but all three are still D-class ships).

So taking that information into consideration, the Core Box Set contains the following miniatures):

1 Leviathans-class Battleship (Type 4)
1 County-class Light Cruiser (Type 2)
2 D-class Destroyers (Type 1)

1 Paris-class Battleship (Type 4)
1 Liberte-class Light Cruiser (Type 2)
2 Grenouilleclass Destroyers (Type 2)

Next is the actual Ship Cards (and their corresponding Recognition Cards), which provide extra Light Cruiser and Destroyer Ship Cards to mix things up game to game:

BRITISH (Ship Cards)
HML Leviathans, Leviathans-class Battleship (Type 4)
HML Essex, County-class Light Cruiser (Type 2)
HML Hertfordshire, County-class Light Cruiser (Type 2)
HML Anfield, D-class Destroyers (Type 1)
HML Trafford, D-class Destroyers (Type 1)
HML Raven, D-class Destroyers (Type 1)

FRENCH (Ship Cards)
Jean Bart, Paris-class Battleship (Type 4)
Lave, Liberte-class Light Cruiser (Type 2)
Pontbriand, Liberte-class Light Cruiser (Type 2)
La Gloire, Grenouilleclass Destroyers (Type 1)
Montcalm, Grenouilleclass Destroyers (Type 1)
Pelletier, Grenouilleclass Destroyers (Type 1)

So now we come to the Fleet Boxes. As I mentioned, they’re the exact same miniatures, so we apply those here:

BRITISH FLEET BOX (miniatures)
1 Leviathans-class Battleship (Type 4)
1 County-class Light Cruiser (Type 2)
2 D-class Destroyers (Type 1)

FRENCH FLEET BOX (miniatures)
1 Paris-class Battleship (Type 4)
1 Liberte-class Light Cruiser (Type 2)
2 Grenouilleclass Destroyers (Type 1)

However, as noted, the Ship Cards (and the corresponding Recognition Cards) are new class variations beyond those from the Core Box Set, as shown:

BRITISH (Ship Cards)
HML Medusa, Leviathans-class Battleship (Type 4)
HML New Zealand, County-class Light Cruiser (Type 2)
HML Beagle, D-class Destroyers (Type 1)
HML Crow, D-class Destroyers (Type 1)

FRENCH (Ship Cards)
Paris, Paris-class Battleship (Type 4)
Dupuy de Lome, Liberte-class Light Cruiser (Type 2)
Grenadier, Grenouilleclass Destroyers (Type 1)
Montepllier, Grenouilleclass Destroyers (Type 1)

Fine, fine, but what do “class variations” actually look like, right? That’s what you’d really like to see…so here we go. If you’ve downloaded and looked at and/or played the Lieutenant’s Manual: Quick-Start Rules, then you’ll recognize the Pontbriand. The Lave, then, is the Pontbriand‘s sister Liberte-class Light Cruiser in the Core Box Set, while the Dupuy de Lome is the Light Cruiser Ship Card for the Liberte-class Light Cruiser miniature in the French Fleet Box. All three Ship Cards–used with the same miniature–related in core concepts, but each bringing different game play to your table.



Dupuy de Lome


Some people may be asking ‘why’? If these are just the ships in the Core Box Set, why do I want them?

The game is perfectly playable and enjoyable out of the Core Box Set with the 4 ships per British and French. However, doubling up right away on the size of your faction’s fleet, along with additional, unique Ship Cards to play, will provide more enjoyment of the game, both through added ships to explore, but also opening up larger-scale tactics. As for the dice, while the game absolutely can be played with two sets of dice, there is some added rolling involving, so having another set (or two) of dice will help speed up game play by eliminating such additional rolls.

Hopefully that provides a crystal clear look of what’s in the Fleet Boxes and the ‘why’ for those as well.

See ya next duty shift.


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