I know…I can hear it now: “Didn’t you guys launch at Origins?” Well…not really. We managed to sell some copies, which was fantastic. But we literally flew the copies in for the show. So no, not a launch…let’s call that the sea trials.

Instead, August 2012 will be the official launch of Leviathans into the cobalt dome!

Why August, you ask? Well, Gen Con of course! Unless a ship sinks or train derails (it is Leviathans, after all), we can announce that it will be at Gen Con! While there won’t be an unlimited number, we’re working hard to ensure there’ll be very respectable piles of the Core Box Set each day to satiate the desire. However, it will be limited and it will be first come first serve…line up early and rush the gunwales to grab the loot!

While we don’t have a Street Date yet (you know how we hate giving that out until it’s actually in our warehouse), we feel confident in saying the Core Box Set should be on store shelves by the end of August.

Leviathans Primer Illustration Preview 2What else will be at Gen Con for Leviathans? Oh, we’re pulling out all of the stops for the gala.

First, yup, Fleet Boxes for both the French and British…they’re going to make it! Again, limited numbers, however…in fact, they’ll be even more limited than the Core Box Set since we’re flying them in to ensure they’re available.

“Last year people played in a Leviathan‘s game and walked away with miniatures…that gonna happen again this year?” Absolutely. Play in a game, walk away with a destroyer…but keep playing and you can turn in your smaller ships for bigger ships! And of course you can just keep playing to get more ships and walk away with good sized fleet to go with the ships from the Core Box Set and Fleet Boxes.

And we might have some other cool paraphernalia as well; we’re looking into patches, pins, bags…you want to get your Leviathans geek on? We’ll feed it!

“Okay, that all sounds awesome, but Gen Con is 5 weeks away…what are you going to do for me ‘now’?!”

I’ve been shooting videos of playing the game and playtesting various additions beyond the Core Box Set, such as the Italians and Germans…I’ll make sure and keep those flowing.

We’ve got four reviews coming in the next couple of weeks from some top-notch, high profile gaming sites, such as,,, and the first up (launching likely in the next 24 hours), a thorough review by the great guys at As each of those reviews goes live we’ll make sure and plaster them around so you can go and get an un-biased review on the game, quality of the contents, game play, and more!

We’ve also two free PDFs that’ll post in the next few weeks:

One brings clouds to your gaming table, with rules and a print out/cut out template to mix things up; this can be used either with the Quick-Start Rules, as well as tie into the Wind rules that are part of the Captain’s Manual Excerpt found in the Commander’s Manual of the Core Box Set.

The other is the Point System Open Beta playtest, where we build off of the Alpha Test of over a year ago. It also includes a list of point values for all extent ships, and we ask you, the fans, to bang on it as hard as you can and provide us your input!

Finally, we’re even starting to work on our first ever 2D-art animated video as a “Leviathans Universe Introduction”…it’s a brand experiment for us and I love that we’re tackling Leviathans first. If it turns out as awesome as we’re hoping, it’ll be a great time to splash that around as we sprint towards Gen Con and all the awesomeness Leviathans will bring to the table.

Wew…that’s a big pile of coolness right there. Course there are one or two other things we’re kicking around, but I’ll keep those tucked in the satchel for now…pretty sure the above is gonna keep us, and you, very busy and talking and hopefully crazy excited to finally be reaching this point after all these years.

And don’t forget, if you can’t make it to Gen Con, or don’t have a local gaming store near you (if you do, please support!), then you can pre-order here!

Thanks to all of you whom have patiently waited…and welcome anyone finding us for the first time…it’s gonna be a fantastic ride for the next few months!

See ya next duty shift!


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