Leviathans Game: 6 vs. 6, Turn 1

So Bryn and I are mixing things up some, and throwing a bevy of Captain’s Manual rules onto the table for this game. This is actually the first time we’ve played a full Elevations rules game with the stands…man, the visuals are just sooo cool.

The other rules we tossed in: Fog of War Initiative, Steering Rolls, Breaking the Keel Roll & SI, Clouds, Fleet Commanders, & Wind. Course we rightly forget about the Steering Rolls right out of the gate, so ultimately we didn’t use those…but we used everything else.

Note that your comments of trying to show game play or provide more details on which ships are which did not make it into this game…I’ll tackle those on the next game.

As always, beyond getting a better quality video (working on that), if you’ve any other comments of what you like or don’t like in these game play videos, and what more you’d like to see, just let me know!

See ya next duty shift!


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