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I’ve mentioned several times now that the last 6 to 8 weeks have just been pure insanity as we’ve sprinted through our heaviest convention season, with Gen Con and Pax Prime. Thought I’d share some of my favorite photos from those two shows as related to our favorite steampunk game.

GEN CON 2012

GenCon PlayingLeviathansWednesdayNight

Before the show even started, Wednesday night at Champions we had a table playing Balance of Power and this one playing Leviathans…makes me smile that even with the insanity of Gen Con set up (and the exhaustion), we can all be so excited to have it on sale in force that we crack open a copy and stay up late playing.GenCon Wall of Awesome

It was either this or me rolling round on top of it…and no one wants to see that.

Gen Con Leviathans Costumes

For the first time ever Catalyst broke out the cosplay action and we did it in force for Leviathans…it was blisteringly hot in my black great coat…but totally worth it.

One of Randalls Favorites 580wide

They started putting down the box set when I asked for a photo and I had to let them know “oh, no…please…with the box set.

Leviathans Masters Game 580wide

One of the most enjoyable Leviathans games I’ve ever played…the Masters Game where Bryn and Kristian helped me run 12 ships against 12 other ships and 12 players…thanks to everyone that attended and played…I hope you had a great time because it was one of the highlights of the whole show for me.

Gen Con Leviathans  Titannic

A Leviathans community member presented this ship to me; huge, HUGE apologies I cannot remember his name (my wife complains I can remember the name of a fictitious character and what he did on page 100 of a novel I read a decade ago but I can’t remember the name of people I’ve known for twice as long in real life).

I was hugely touched by the gesture…and I’m reminded of a large part of what I love about gaming…the players. Again…thank you for enduring the journey with me…just…thank you.

For a pile more details surrounding all aspects of Catalyst’s whole Gen Con experience, including more photos, go here.


Pax Prime was a nice experiment for us and despite the bumpy road for our first time, it was great and we’ll be coming back next year.

Obviously the experiences for Pax are a fraction of what they are for Gen Con just because of the focus…but we ran a good number of demos as we snagged their eyes with this great set-up.

PaxPrime Leviathans1

This was absolutely a great shot of Bryn running a demo for a bunch of teenage boys…and they were there for well over an hour going strong…love it!

PaxPrime Leviathans2

As with Gen Con, if you’d like a bigger report of all that transpired for Catalyst, check it out here.

SteamCon IV

Bryn and I have been running Leviathans games at SteamCon, in the Seattle area, for the last two years and we’ll be there in force running more and bigger games for SteamCon IV!

If you’re in the Seattle area from October 26th to 28th and want to come and play Leviathans with me, by all means, come and enjoy SteamCon IV!

In Store Games! (At Wishes)

Long on hiatus, I’ll be back to running monthly in-store games of Leviathans in the Seattle Area.

All games will be at the Wishes game store in the Everett Mall (if you’ve access to Facebook, check our their page); a reminder they just finished moving right across the way from their old location.

September’s in-store game will be run Saturday, October 29th, from noon until 6PM (we might go later…we’ll just have to see how many people we have and how many games are running). Hope to see you there!

Wew…okay…nice update of some fantastic shows and some Leviathans-specific shows/game playing coming up…hope to see you at a gaming table soon!

See ya next duty shift.


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