Development Continued: Italians Tweaked

Almost a year ago I blogged about the design work I’d been doing on the Italians. The Ship Card that came out of that block of stats looked like the following (please note that we don’t have final illustrations for the Italians yet, hence why the British D-class is used here…):

RM Cassiopea OldNow, if you compare that ship to any of the British and French Destroyers, yes, it’s insanely fast…and it’s got more Miss Slots than any other ship to date. However, to provide the vibe I’m looking for with this faction, its Structural Integrity and Breach Numbers are also lower than any other ship. And all of the Italians have that same “low Breach Numbers, low Structural Integrity, minimum Armor Slots.”

As such, what we’ve found to date is that the Italians simply didn’t work in that fashion. Yes, they are almost terrifyingly maneuverable (you should see what the battleship can do, especially with its Improved Steering Gear Slots). But at the end of the day it wasn’t working out…they could play as long as they could toss their crazy number of torpedos and keep out of range, but as soon as you engaged, splash they go.

However, I didn’t want to mess with the Breach Numbers and the SI as that vibe was working for me…then it dawned on me that while I’d played around a little bit with the Location Dice, I’d still left it relatively alone. Well, that’s changed…I pretty much rotated down all Location Dice across the fleet, giving us the following RM Cassipoea as a pre-final design; it’s very close, but we’re still playtesting it to see if these final tweaks click.

RM Cassiopea Prefinal

You’ll note I also played even further with the probabilities by changing out the Bow and Stern “Red Arrow” Location Dice of a DYellow for 2DGreen. Which can actually make the ship slightly easier to hit if it stays still…again, the vibe just felt right to me.

After a few more playtests, I’ll let you know if the Italians are as close to sign off as the Germans (which are at the 95% point at this stage).

See ya next duty shift!


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