Leviathans SteamCon IV Wrap Up

Often I feel like a broken record as this is my third year attending and running Leviathans games…but man I love that con. Friendly people, nice atmosphere, lots of gaming enthusiasm…and of course, customs, costumes costumes….

Bryn and I have been running games the last three years, but this year we really brought it up a step, not only running on Sunday, but we brought in more demo agents so we could run more and we sold games at the show for the first time (only our games that would fit in a “steampunk” vibe).

We fully doubled the number of games we ran from last year and we might have even tripled it. Saturday from 10AM until 11PM we had at least one game running the entire time and often three different games were running.

Course the few breathing spots we did get Bryn and I were playtesting the newly tweaked Italian ships against the Germans…for the first time the Italians won in our playtests!

Thought I’d share some photos of the con.

SteamConIV Photo 1

Amanda and Shelly staffing our sales area (thanks guys!).SteamConIV Photo 2

Sky Admiral Randall Bills and Kapitän zur Luft Bryn Bills ready for duty.

SteamConIV Photo 3

Rittmeister Peter Wort greets members of the media.

SteamConIV Photo 4

Saturday with multiple games unfolding simultaneously.

SteamConIV Photo 5

This group played until 11PM Saturday night at the Lieutenant’s Manual quick-start rules and then returned with even more players to play all Sunday afternoon at the Commander’s Manual level until we shut the show down.

SteamConIV Photo 6

As usual, wrapping it up with my favorite type of photo…the next generation loves table top games as much as any of us!

See ya next duty shift!


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