A Whole New Way To Take Flight: Leviathans Online!


Wew…got that off my chest. I was in the middle of getting out the announcement to a pile of people/sites, as well as playtesting a card game, and so I didn’t get a chance to update here until now…but in case you’ve not yet seen it, check out the full announcement:

Catalyst and Hyper Hippo Productions to develop Leviathans Online

Right out of the gate, to allay fears , this in no way shape or form means we’re going to not concentrate on the table top game. The board game comes first for Catalyst and we are as committed as ever to prepping for a second printing as well as starting to roll out the Italian and German Faction Boxes, Captain’s Box, and more.

Instead, just as with BattleTech and Shadowrun, we see Leviathans as a fantastic universe that people will want to visit in a myriad ways, from the table top to computer games, toys to comics, animated webisodes to novels: the sky is the limit.

I wasn’t just blowing the proverbial smoke in the announcement about how much Lance Priebe and his team love Leviathans. Not only are they playing it constantly at their offices, but Lance (along with Ted from his team) attended Board Game Geek Con with me this last weekend. In addition to talking endlessly about all the possibilities for Leviathans, but after the exhibit hall closed every night, we played big games with almost twenty ships on the board, giving them a chance to experience the game at a whole other level.

Despite the thumping of the first night, they read the rules again, discussed tactics and came back again and by the third night they were giving my team a good run for our money…considering how many computer games I see where you can tell those involved lack that type of passion, it leaves me super excited for what the future holds.

And wait until you see what they’re going to allow as part of the Kickstarter…the community is going to be able to do amazing things for tailoring the Leviathans Online experience to their desires…

Look for November 28th and the launch of the Kickstarter!

See ya next duty shift!


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