Embracing CC: Releasing The Gazetteer

To celebrate the launch of the Leviathans Online Kickstarter, we’ve decided to more fully embrace the nature of Creative Commons and release the entire Gazetteer as it appears in the Core Box Set as a free PDF.

Leviathans Gazetteer ForWeb Cover 580wide

    The Leviathans Gazetteer is presented as a British Naval document that will quickly immerse you in this dynamic universe. It begins with an in-depth discussion of the development of leviathan technology and provides specifics on how the great ships manage to fly; followed by a collection of eight short treatises on the most significant empires, starting with the British and including the French, Japanese, Germans, Russians, Italians, Americans and Austro-Hungarians. A Minor Air Powers section details a handful of upstarts, while the Flash Points section describes the most current hot spots of conflict around the globe.

We believe the tabletop game is so much fun and the contents such a great value, we’ve no problem letting people electronically dive into the full universe. Swim around, find all the universe has to offer and then check out the game!

We’ll likely be releasing more of the materials like this in the near future.

See ya next duty shift!


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