Art Development: Germans Part 2

So I started out the first blog post showing the earliest iterations of the look for the Germans.

After reaching a “close final” on the previous sketch 3, I asked Doug to sharpen the sketch up some more, giving us the following.

German Sketch 4This actually sat around for a while before I realized that our leviathans would be flying and part of that aesthetic would be rudimentary control surfaces, so I asked him to add those. (He had fun throwing on that old-school looking coloring.)

German Sketch 5

The above sketch is what appears on page 54 of the Gazetteer.

Also in the Gazetteer there are full-page illustrations opening each section of the book. The illustration below is what appear on page 49 of the Gazetteer. I let Doug mix things up just a little, so we would have some wiggle room between this fully realized illustration and the sketch; i.e. check out the stern section in particular. The full illustration could be an early design, for example. Regardless of the subtle differences, all the usual characteristics are present and very solid.

German Gazetteer Illustration

These are the last of the Doug Chaffee development illustrations…next time we’ll dive into the new work currently in progress with J. Lonnee for what the final German illustrations will look like for their expansion.

See ya next duty shift.


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