Leviathans Online: Monsters In The Sky changes its course!

At Hyper Hippo Productions we strongly believe in building experiences with the help of our community. As the crowd funding landscape continues to evolve, we recognize the need for demonstrations of the game play in order to captivate fans imaginations. Additions like these require a new approach, so we have made the decision to remove Leviathans Online from Kickstarter. With this change our team will now have the necessary time to reassess the best approach to bring this great game to the digital space.

Leviathans Online entered Kickstarter on December 3rd with the intention of providing the community with an opportunity to engage in the early stages of development and join in on the process of building a great experience from the ground level. We still believe that if we can get a community to rally behind an already great board game and contribute valuable ideas about the experience they want to see in a digital version, that our team can develop Leviathans Online into an experience that completely caters to the fans.

Hyper Hippo Productions and Catalyst Game Labs would like to sincerely thank you for all of your support, for backing this project and for providing integral feedback over the past two weeks on Kickstarter!

Since so many of you believed in this project and took the time to learn what we were about, we want to keep you updated on our studios progress. Please send us an e-mail to info@hyperhippo.ca so that we can add you to our mailing list.


Hyper Hippo Productions Team

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