Development Continued: Final Germans Vs. Italians Issues

It’s been a little while since an update…holidays, much less me being sick for well over a week at this point…anyways, finally coming back up out of the hole and felt a new blog post appropriate.

Both Bryn and I’s own playtesting, as well as some thorough playtest reports from other groups, have brought us to a new stage concerning the current status of the German and Italian fleets.

The Germans vs. the British and French work great.

The Italians vs. the British and French work great.

And even the Germans vs. Italians on 2 maps works very well.

The problem is when you put the Germans vs. Italians on 4 or more maps…things start to break down at that point.The problem is multi-faceted.

1. Germans are slow…on average the slowest fleet.

2. The Italians have more torpedoes than any other fleet.

3. The Italians also have access to different submunitions, including an extended range version (2DRed/24 hexes).

4. The Italians have torpedoes mounted on Bows and/or in Turrets and are incredibly maneuverable.

What all of that equates to is the Italians are able to easily get almost all of their torpedoes from Bows and one side Location always firing towards the Germans. And even though the Germans are heavily armored and high Breach Numbers, the sheer mass of launchers, even with the downgranded damage of the ER, means a few are going to get through for the 2 or 3 turns of that type of fire. And then it’s two or three more turns of a wash of standard torpedoes hammering into the Germans as the Italians continued to maenuver and compact down into a far corner, before the Germans finally get into range and start dropping Italian ships. But so much damage is done by that point, the Italians too often come out on top.

Bryn rightly pointed out to me that in the fiction of the Gazetteer, the Germans are said to be working on some “advanced technologies”, and yet everything to date that we’ve given the Germans is all crew related. He and I had kicked around for some time the idea of an anti-torpedo Slot (basically a type of flake for torpedoes). The German battleship even against the French can sometimes run into trouble with torpedoes if the German player isn’t careful, hence our discussions already along those lines…but with the new playtest data in hand, it looks like we’ll push forward with rules creation and playtesting.

The goal, of course, is to fix the German vs. Italians on 4 map sheets problem, while ensuring it doesn’t upset the solid game balance in all other aspects already achieved.

I’ll let you know in a few weeks if we’ve managed to grasp that brass ring.

See ya next duty shift!


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