Development Continued: Finalizing the Captain’s Box

So as we juggle things on the production end to determine what will be the next box we ship to print, I continued to iron out the list tidbits of the Captain’s Box.

For those who’ve been following me for a while, you’re well aware of this, but for some, this may be new. Originally the Captain’s Manual of “Enhanced Scenario” rules was simply going to be in the Core Box Set. Unfortunately, we crammed way, way too much stuff into the box as it is and we had to cut that completely, leaving us the chance to publish the Captain’s Box down the line.

Now a lot of the material was already done and playtested for some time. In fact, I’ve got a rough PDF of a first layout before the “cut” decision was made that contains the following rules (I didn’t think I’d covered this fully before…if I have, apologies…):Initiative (Expanded)
Fog of War Initiative
Steering Rolls
Ramming (Expanded)
Rolling Maps
Stacking (Expanded)
Advanced Firing Arcs
Minimum Range
Breaking The Keel Roll (Expanded)
Range (Expanded)
Rate of Fire
Cargo Ships
Crew Skill Ratings
Faction Abilities

As most of you know by now, I’ll never leave anything along if I still have time to kick it and make it even cooler. As such, between the time the decision was made to cut the Captain’s Manual for a future release, and last fall, four additional rules had been added; some ideas from playtesters, one from myself and one from a player at a convention:

Breaking The Keel and SI
Critical Gun Battery Failure
Gun Battery Shockwave

Right now there are two last rules that I like enough to fully develop, get playtested in the next few weeks and wrap up the whole box and get it ready hopefully for print for summer convention seasons.

The first is Repairs & SI; basically making repairs harder and easier based upon high or low SI numbers as a way to provide some great flavor, while also giving some benefits to the lower SI’d ships.

The last is Critical Hits. This is a pretty big one. Originally I had no intention of including them period, as it simply adds in a level of complexity that I felt wasn’t needed. And I certainly would never change my mind to include it in the Core Box Set. However, after kicking this around many times with numerous playtest groups, I’ve changed my mind and feel it can be a very cool addition to these optional rules that a lot of player groups may want to embrace. Right now it’s just a matter of making them work within the constraints of the current Ship Cards/rules system.

See ya next duty shift!


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