Fan-Made Scenarios For Review

Hey all!

Back from Origins and struggling to refresh after the convention (and the sprint to get to the convention, which is even tougher), as well as get caught up on a hundred things.

Several blog posts ago I asked for fan-made scenarios. I received a good chunk which is awesome. However, the more I got thinking about this, the more I realized these should be about the community and you guys should be telling me what type of scenarios you like.

As such, I’m starting to post them up in batches. I’ve put the first three into the Community section of the website; I’ll post up more in the coming weeks.

I’ve also started a new thread in the forums where you can post your comments and reviews. (All names have been scrubbed from the scenarios so it’s just the scenario you are reviewing and not any individual.) Based upon the over-all feedback from the community I can then look at the styles of scenarios to continue with, as well as which people I might be contacting for paying writing in the future.

Thanks for your reviews in advance!


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