Ship Quirks and Crew Abilities Deck Continued…

I’ve moved having the Ship Quirks/Crew Abilities Deck at Gen Con up to about 90% at this time…looking very good. Again, no guarantees (it is Gen Con and Leviathans) but I’m feeling cautiously optimistic.

I thought I’d share the names of the various cards that will appear in the deck…give ya something fun to speculate about while we get this through layout and off to the printer. In no particular order….

Accurate Weapon
Protected Engines
Superior Armor
Difficult To Helm
Inferior Structural Integrity
Superior Launch Mechanism
Superior Maneuverability
Superior Steering Gear
Faulty Torpedos
Weak Magazines
Large Caliber Synchronization
Easy to Helm
Turret-Style Movement
Faulty Engines
Superior Electroid
Superior Engines
Extreme Angles
Faulty Rotation Mechanism
Inadequate Maintenance

Sharp-Eyed Gunnery Chief
Expert Gunnery Chief
Expert Gunlayers
Tactical Geniuses
Good Fortune
Lady Luck
Maneuvering Aces
Torpedo Marksmen
Elite Escort
Sharp Shooters
Expert Shooters
All-Weather Fire Control
Expert Damage Control
Maneuvering Ace
Angels of Mercy

Now here’s an interesting tidbit…I ‘just’ now noticed we have two almost identical titles: “Maneuvering Aces” and “Maneuvering Ace.” Yeah…don’t like that…one will change during layout proofing.

See ya next duty shift!


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