Where Things Are At…And New Fiction!

Been a while since the last update…hope you all have been enjoying the elevation rules!

As for when the Kickstarter will happen, that’s still in a holding pattern at this time. As seems to be the case always with Leviathans, we are struggling to find a manufacturer that can produce the miniatures in the format that we need. We thought for sure we’d found the manufacturer that we could move forward with and that simply ended up not being the case, so we’re working with a new manufacturer on the details. All of that must be taken care of and signed off on before we can launch the Kickstarter; i.e. it would be incredibly reckless to launch the Kickstarter without having a manufacturer lined up and ready to go as soon as it ends. In hindsight we should’ve hand that lined up before we even announced we’d be running a Kickstarter but I never imagined it would take so long just to line up the details correctly with an appropriate manufacturer. As ever, when we have some firm movement on that end, I’m happy to share that.

In the meantime, for those that haven’t seen it yet, we released some fiction from Blaine Lee Pardoe in two issues of Ravage magazine.

Here’s a peak at the first page that appeared in Issue #10, which is available now! Issue #11, which contains the conclusion, will be available shortly. Hope you enjoy the good read!

Ravage Issue 10_Levs page 1

See ya next duty shift!


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