Which Captain’s Manual Rule To Open Beta Next?

Hey all,

So we’ve released a fair number of rules from the Captain’s Manual; either just to use in your games or to open beta test: Clouds, Elevation, Ship Repairs & SI, and Critical Hits.

I’d like to release some more rules for you guys to enjoy and ultimately kick around, and I’d love to get your votes on what you’d like to see next.

Below is a list of additional rules. Please list your favorite 1, 2 and 3 and I’ll compile that list and start releasing some additional rules.

Fog of War Initiative
Steering Rolls
Ramming (Expanded)
Breaking the Keel Roll (Expanded)
Range (Expanded)
Rate of Fire
Cargo Ships
Faction Abilities
Ship Repairs (Expanded)

Look forward to your comments!

See ya next duty shift.


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