Sourcebook Fiction

"Sourcebook fiction" presents story elements as though the reader were a character transplanted into the game universe, reading military documents, historical texts, secret security briefs, intercepted personal communications, local newspapers and so on."

Memorandum – Classified – Foreign Ministry

To: The Italian and French Field Staffs

Subject: Guidelines for Surveillance of Lev Fleet Personnel

In response to our recent successful operations in Austrio-Hungary and the Far East, the following guidelines have been issued for all field operatives assigned to leviathan coaling and port facilities. These guidelines are designed to help all operatives gather intelligence in an efficient and effective manner. This memorandum is considered classified material and should be handled as such.

Information Sought:

The increase in leviathan hulls laid down in the last four years has brought a surge in both the Italian and French air services. As such, we strongly desire information regarding squadron assignments of new ships or rotational assignments of existing fleet elements.
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Race to the Pole Gets Underway

The Times 1 March 1910 –- Standing on the steps of the Royal Opera House, Lord Northcliffe officially launched the first leg of his much-publicized “Race to the Pole” with a shot from a starter’s pistol, a sound quickly drowned out in the noise created by the five behemoths riding the skies above Covent Garden getting underway. The crowd of over forty thousand hardy souls who braved the foul weather were treated to an event of much pomp and not a little controversy.

With only six vessels entering the owner of the Daily Mail’s grand challenge, the field further shrank when the Royal Navy ordered the only civilian vessel in the skies, the American-built Voyager, to withdraw, stating that it was not appropriate for a private vessel to enter the Race. What began as a race to showcase these powerful sky ships has quickly become a contest of pride between competing powers, and now is undeniably being used as a means for the various national fleets to prove their dominance.
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The Race To The Pole

So, the Americans have managed to circumnavigate the world with their leviathans. A mighty achievement, indeed. But an achievement that means little when faced with no competition from the brave men of the Royal Sky Fleet. Has not the Fleet soared from the Faeroes to the icy Falklands? From the dusty plains of Africa to the steamy jungles of the Subcontinent? Why then should we praise the Americans when our proud British lads have gone further for Queen and country than any mere colonial?

No, my loyal readers, what the civilized world needs is a proper example of achievement; an example of conquering the odds against all adversity, and proving the might of the Royal Sky Fleet against all comers! To this end, I, Alfred Lord Northcliffe, have put up the hefty sum of £50,000 to reward the first vessel that completes a course I have devised that terminates at the ultimate finish line: the North Pole. If a colonial like Robert Peary can reach the Pole by foot, then surely the magnificent leviathans that ply the skies can do the same!

So I open the prize to any man, crew or nation. There is no restriction except they must be ready to leave the start line in London on the first of March next year, under their own power. After London the Race will follow the course to Paris, then Rome, Vienna, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Oslo, Svalbard, and on to the Pole!

Join me, my fellow Englishmen, in giving the heartiest of welcomes to all intrepid participants in this venture, and in wishing the brave gentlemen of the Royal Sky Fleet the best of luck in this mighty endeavor!

For King and Country, sail high!

—Editorial published in the Daily Mail, 12 November 1909

The Political Implications of Air Fleets

German Naval Intelligence Summary, Admiralty Strategic Oversight Board
Document 425. 
Admiral Von Tirpitz, Classified.
25 May 1890.
Copy to Foreign Office Secretary.
An Original Document.

The potential of airship fleets of Leviathans introduces an opportunity that has long-term political implications. If we were limited to traditional navies we risk having a fleet bottled up by the geographic barriers of the North Sea. The true might of the British Empire has been the Royal Navy and its domination of the sea lanes. The introduction of Leviathans alters this.

We have viewed armored fighting ships as the epitome of strategic weapons but have been forced to adopt strategies that are limited by the seas themselves. No longer are strategic weapons such as air ships limited to geographic barriers. Indeed the British isles which have always been safe and surrounded by a strong navy, is now as open and potentially accessible as France and even our country.
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