The following FREE downloadable PDF products will lift you into the Leviathans‘ skies and game system in no time!

Leviathans Introduction_Cover

Leviathans Introduction

The Leviathans Introduction PDF is a great way to leap into Leviathans! It offers a quick 8 page review of the universe, game and art that compromises this immersive universe. With this great sneak preview you’ll be able to decide if you want to try and tackle the other PDFs released to date, such as exploring the game through the Lieutenant’s Manual, the free quick-start rules for the game!

Leviathans Lieutenants Manual

Lieutenant’s Manual: The Quick-Start Rules

The Lieutenant’s Manual quick-start rules (QSR) is a 34-page PDF offering a complete introduction to the new, innovative Leviathans‘ game system, including playing maps, ready-to-cut-out-and-use Ship Cards and counters. All a player needs to bring to the table are a few sets of polyhedral gaming dice (D4, D6, D8, D10 and D12s) and in minutes they’ll be scouring the skies at the helm of several thousand tons of war-forged metal looking for the tail-tale sign of enemy smoke on the horizon.

Leviathans Lieutenants Manual

Commander’s Manual: Standard Rules

The Commander’s Manual is a 68-page PDF offering the complete Standard Rules for the Leviathans‘ game system. Building on the basics of the quick-start rules, this Commander’s Manual PDF is the full rules found in the Core Box Set that will allow for endless hours of captaining ships to glory!


Have you tackled the “Introduction” PDF and want to delve fully into the universe? Then harness up, because here’s the entire Gazetteer as found in the Core Box Set, available here as a free PDF!

The Leviathans Gazetteer is presented as a British Naval document that will quickly immerse you in this dynamic universe. It begins with an in-depth discussion of the development of leviathan technology and provides specifics on how the great ships manage to fly; followed by a collection of eight short treatises on the most significant empires, starting with the British and including the French, Japanese, Germans, Russians, Italians, Americans and Austro-Hungarians. A Minor Air Powers section details a handful of upstarts, while the Flash Points section describes the most current hot spots of conflict around the globe.

British Core & Fleet Boxes Ship Cards/Recognition Cards

Tackled the Lieutenant’s Manual and want to give a few more ships a full sea trial before diving into the full game? This zip file contains every Ship Card and Recognition Card for all 10 British vessels covered in the Core Box and British Fleet Box.

French Core & Fleet Boxes Ship Cards/Recognition Cards

Tackled the Lieutenant’s Manual and want to give a few more ships a full sea trial before diving into the full game? This zip file contains every Ship Card and Recognition Card for all 10 Brench vessels covered in the Core Box and French Fleet Box.

A Guide To Tactics

So you’ve read the rules of Leviathans and played a game or three…but how do you actually improve your play? A Guide To Tactics is designed to help players in translating concepts and theories to the tabletop. To make you a better player of the game, knowing that on this turn, you want to swing your battleship to face that way, and why. The maxims here have been gleaned through three years of playtesting and running Leviathans games at major gaming conventions. This is what has been proven to work, in actual play, with actual people. This free PDF will up your game across the board, even if you’ve dozens of games already under your belt.

Captain’s Manual Excerpt: Clouds and Elevation

Want to add more excitement and fun to your Leviathans games! Then grab this free PDF which introduces Clouds as well as Elevation rules! Includes templates you can print out and use for clouds as well as ship Types as needed during play. For Elevation, don’t forget to review the Elevation Stands Graphic below so you know how to put the posts together to launch all new excitement for your games!

Leviathans Introduction_Cover

Leviathans Point System Open Beta Test

Have you ever played a game and wondered how they generated the point value of a given unit? Or if the system is revealed, felt it didn’t reflect your style of gaming, or you might have done X or Y different? Well now’s your chance to participate in creating a point system for balancing fleets in Leviathans that mirrors what you want to see on your gaming table.

Last year Catalyst Game Labs ran an online Open Alpha Test of the Leviathans’ Point System. Now, you can leap into the action and participate in the Open Beta Test. First, download the free Leviathans Point System Open Beta Test PDF. It includes an already heavily playtested, full point system, along with pre-generated point values for all extent Ship Cards (including those currently released as PDF-only).

You can even download the Excel spreadsheets that we used to test and generate these point values: British Point Values Generator, French Point Values Generator.

Second, build some games based upon those preexisting point values and get those dice rolling and ships blowing up. If you feel the point system as currently shown doesn’t accurately convey the various strengths and weaknesses of each ship, visit the forums at A “Determining Points Value Beta Test” thread has been created and will be active for six months from the time of the Leviathans Core Box Set Street Date (when it’s available on store shelves). Post your feedback, comments and especially your suggestions for tweaks to the system that you feel will improve it. And of course if you find any errors in the PDF or our spreadsheets, by all means, let us know.

Finally, we’ll be watching the thread and will use it to build a final point system, based upon the community’s feedback. The more players participate, the more chances the point system will reflect exactly the style of system the community wants. At a future point, the Engineer’s Box will publish, including rules for customizing ships, as well as a final point system, as playtested and tweaked by the community. Everyone that posts a comment into that thread concerning the point system will have their online handles included in the credits section as a contributor in that future Engineer’s Box.

Open Beta Test: “Ship Repair & SI” and “Critical Hits”

Catalyst Game Labs is developing the Captain’s Box; a stand-alone expansion to the Leviathans Core Box that will include a slew of enhanced scenario rules, from weather and wind to elevation, alternate movement and combat options, and more. Those rules have been extensively play tested to date.

However, the following two rules have come up for potential inclusion in the Captain’s Box. Instead of simply play testing them internally, however, we want to run these externally as well. So here ya go…put together some games, run with it, and let us know. Visit the forums at A “Captain’s Manual Excerpt Playtest” thread has been created and will be active for a few weeks. Post your feedback, comments and especially your suggestions for tweaks to the rules that you feel will improve them.

Enjoy and thanks for your help making the game the best it can be!

Leviathans: Captain's Manual Excerpt - Fog of War Open Beta Test

Open Beta Test: Fog of War Initiative

We’ve got another open beta play test here! This time it’s a great addition to Initiative. Sure, it takes longer and may seem a little confusing. But once you have it down the element of trying to out-fox your opponent that it brings to Initiative may leave you thinking you’ll never go back.

Visit the forums at A “Open Beta Playtest: Fog of War Initiative” thread has been created. Post your feedback, comments and especially your suggestions for tweaks to the rules that you feel will improve them.

Elevation Stands Graphic

The Leviathans Core Box Set does not contain rules for elevation. However, the Captain’s Box, which will be released in the future, does contain full rules for elevation, introducing three levels: Low, Medium and High. To ensure all miniatures–whether from the Core Box Set or any Fleet Box–can make use of the elevation rules, enough stands are provided for all miniatures to rise to High Elevation. The graphic covers the shapes of the various posts and which are for use in the Core Box Set and which are for use with the Captain’s Box.


The Development Journal

The Development Journal is a compilation PDF of development blogs written by Randall N. Bills and posted to this website across roughly six months. It covers the development of the game mechanics as presented in the Lieutenant’s Manual, providing a detailed, behind-the-scenes view of the creation of a new game and the universe to go with it!