4 Days!- Changes: Rules

And we are back. The sky is ever closer.

This is part two on changes to Leviathans, following yesterday’s. We will talk about all the main changes to the rules of Leviathans, as well as things added to the game.

Set Up

The largest changes to the game are found in the set up section of the game. The original game only had you place your ships on the board and then the game begins. Now, if that’s still how you want to play the game you are of course free to do so. However, for more varied options and further replayability we have added more to this process.

There will be objectives the players can pick from that will impact how the game is played. From control points to blockade runs, these objectives will encourage different types of play. Of course simple destroy objectives will also be in the mix.

Terrain is being added into the game from the start. Different maps will have different mountain formations to choose from, with large mountains or valleys creating a different feel. Clouds will also be placed on the board, chosen from clouds cards at the start of the game.

There are a couple other things under the banner of setup but this covers most of it.


Torpedoes have seen a decent change from the original game. Instead of laying down two torpedo tokens on the map, a single token is placed out. The token will then show on it which hexes are affected by its placement, as shown below.

This system has greatly affected the speed of the torpedo phase, making games go faster, while keeping the great feel of the torpedoes.

Admiral Cards

These are ability cards that can be purchased at the start of a game and give yet another way to mix up your play experience. Only one of these may be added to your fleet but they can range from adding an extra die to your attack all the way to letting you use destroyed crew slots.


The newest thing added to Leviathans, planes are units that can also be purchased with points and added to your fleet. They will come as tokens that can move around the board and fire, just like Leviathans. However, they are very much second fiddle to the much more powerful ships. They can support what your fleet is doing but won’t change the course of the battle on their own.

That wraps up the changes section of these Posts. See you tomorrow Captains.

Bryn Bills

RM Cassiopeia

During the Ottoman-Italian war, the Ottoman empire in desperation bought an old British cruiser and sent it to attack southern Italy, which they hoped would force the Italins to pull their sky fleet out of the action and give them time to regroup. However, Italy did no such thing, instead they sent a single destroyer to stop the attack. 

Outfitted with the most powerful engines in the world, the RM Cassiopeia took off at lightning speed and was able to catch the cruiser before it was able to reach the Italian coast. It then used an array of short range guns that would make some Battleships jealous, tearing into the cruiser and quickly sending into Mare Nostrum. Few smart admirals would pick any other ship besides the Cassiopeia as the peak of Destroyer capability.

Notable Replies

  1. I can see how the torpedo rules were really cleared up. Using the old string method meant you would cross partial hexes. Did the range shorten as well. I don’t remember torpedoes only going out to 4 hexes but I could be sooo wong.

  2. I am kind of wondering about those of us who had the old game: can we still use our old ship cards? Or am I going to have to get both British and French Fleet Boxes just to be able to use all my old ships?

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