3 Days! – Rule Books

Rule Books

There will be two separate rules books from the Kickstarter so I wanted to make clear what they are and their relation to each other.

The two rule books are the Starter Box Rules and the Hardcover Rulebook.

The Starter Box Rules will contain the full rules for how to play the game. In standard play for Leviathans there will be no rules that are not included in this rulebook. This does include planes, torpedoes and setup options. 

The Hardcover Rulebook will have all those rules, but will also include the following:

  • More ways to play the game, including campaign rules
  • Faction guides
  • Faction specific abilities 
  • Universe lore

The Hardcover is for those that want more lore and expanded play options, but if those things do not interest you, there is no need to pick up this book.

Hopefully that makes the distinction clear.

Bryn Bills


It is common knowledge that the Italains have invested more than any other nation into the torpedo boat design. But the French, with a longer time designing Leviathans, created the pinnacle of torpedo boats before most Italian ships were created. The Lave’s ability to turn nearly on a dime while firing two torpedoes along its side give it maximum control over any situation.

The Lave will always stay near the back of the fight, having little firepower or armor. But those very things make it easy to repair, and even after taking a beating it can quickly get back out into the field

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