2 Days! – Campaigns

And then there were two.


The Campaign will be split between standard rules found in the core rulebook and Campaign boxes.

In the rulebook rules will be provided to connect your engagements together with a point system and alternative mission objectives to be able to tell your own story in the world of Leviathans. This system will be the simpler system overall.

The second version of campaign will be found in the Campaign Boxes (provided they are unlocked through stretch goals).

These boxes will provide maps, rules and additional materials to provide a complete campaign experience. These boxes will cover major engagements from the Great War. The example provided will cover the French, German and Italian battle over the Swiss Alps. I should note that while they are given a theme for the standard in-universe factions in that area, any factions can be used while playing.

We are not going to share too much about the exact gameplay of these right now but more will be shared later.

Only one more blog post to go before the big day, were close now.

Bryn Bills


Russian air fleet production is currently the slowest in the world, with this large army centrict nation struggling to build the infrastructure needed. However, because of their expert crews they have managed to stay in the air race, and in many cases surpass those around them. The most impressive example of this is the famous “ship doctors” of the Anastasia. 

The crew of the Anastasia is able to pull up alongside friendly ships, board them, and repair important systems in a hurry. The exact methods for how they do this is a state secret but several engagements have had their outcomes changed when the Anastasia repaired a main gun on a Battleship or got the engines going again on a cruiser. While Russia has started to train more crews like them, none have matched the speed and ability of the Ship Doctors.

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