5 Days! -Changes: Quality of Life

Engines are starting to power on.

Here is the preview page where you can follow it and be notified when it launches.


This blog’s topic will be covered between today and tomorrow. We will be going over all the main changes that have been made between the original release and this one. Today we will go over the quality of life changes and additions, while tomorrow will be on rule changes. For both of these many things have been covered in the past but this should put everything in one (or two) places for easy reference.

Ship Reference Tokens

As many Ship Cards will use the same miniature, the token above will allow you to at a glance know which ship is which, as well as some basic information on it. This will allow for much easier use of the same miniature. It also allows larger games to go a lot smoother.

Back of ship Card

The back of the ship card, instead of having just a pretty orthographic on the back, will now have useful information. In the middle is the firing arcs for the given ship, one of the harder things to learn when getting into the game. In addition any special rules for the ship will be at the bottom of the card. And of course we still have the orthographic.


In order to make the game easier to have competitive matches with, a point system has been added to the game. As you can see from the ship card however, points will not be printed onto the card. As was suggested, the points will be found in the rulebook and online. The points section on the card is where you can insert the points for reference.

Part two of changes tomorrow. See you then

Bryn Bills

SML Frederick the Great

The pride and glory of the German fleet, the SML Frederick the Great is a true beast of a Battleship. Covered in armor bow to stern, the Battleship is nearly unkillable. Then adding the many large caliber guns going all around the sides of the ship, the SML Fredrick the Great operates more as a moving fortress then as a more traditional Flag ship. 

To make sure it does not fall to enemy torpedo fire, the SML Wolve is almost always deployed with the Frederick. For obvious reasons this lumbering ship does not rapidly advance or chance down enemies. Instead, it slowly moves forward, taking the positions it wants through sheer weight, then allowing its support ships to work under its cover fire.

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