6 Days! – Ship Packs

I can almost hear the fire of the Twelve inch guns at this point.

We have talked about the Fleet Boxes and Starter Box in the past but I wanted to go over the third way to get your hands on Leviathans miniatures.

The Ship Pack

As you can see from the graphic, every ship can be purchased through the Kickstarter as a Ship Pack. This will allow you to get exactly the ships you want without needing to get three of the same Fleet Box. In addition, there will be many ships only available as Ship Packs, especially as the Kickstarter progresses.

There will be three different Ship Packs: a Destroyer Ship Pack, Cruiser Ship Pack and a Battleship Ship Pack. The Cruiser Ship Pack will include both the standard cruiser as well as the Battle Cruiser when it is unlocked. The three Packs will have slightly different pricing 

Which ships go into retail will then depend on overall demand.

With that those are all the ways you can add ships to your fleet. 

Talk to you in the next briefing Captains.

Bryn Bills


The pinnacle of French naval ship design, the Pontbriand is considered by many within and without France to be the most powerful vessel of its class in the world. Originally created as a blockade runner, Pontbriand’s battle with the German Cruiser SML Hannover quickly changed things. Leaving the Hannover limping home after just two rounds of fire, the Pontbriand was moved to a front line ship overnight.

The ship follows a very simple but powerful pattern of attack. Waiting out of range until the right moment, she then dives in and quickly pulls up alongside her opponent and fires a devastating array of small guns before pulling away again, using her powerful engines to get behind her prey and rip up their engines. 

The Pontbriand only falters when a ship can survive its early attacks and return fire, as her guns and engines are only an option with reduced armor along the side.

Notable Replies

  1. I believe CGL means Die Cut Sheets vs Dice Cut Sheets.

  2. I love the idea of individual add-ons allowing custom fleet purchases, but frankly, I’m a little concerned about Catalyst’s fulfillment capability for this. Every one of the Kickstarter projects started by Catalyst appears to have had difficulty or failure fulfilling elements of add-ons and stretch goals. The Kickstarter comment boards are filled with complaints about partially unfulfilled projects. Catalyst seems to have done well with core fulfillment, but piecemealed out shipments of add-ons and stretch goals that then never got fulfilled.

    I love Leviathans and I really want to be able to build my own fleet, but I’d appreciate hearing how this is going to be different from the other issues you seem to have faced. Otherwise, I may just be waiting for the certainty of retail.

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