Last Day!

This is it. Tomorrow is the launch of the Kickstarter. We actually made it everyone. What a long journey it has been. I will cover one last subject in this blog, but I also want to hand over a section to Randall BIlls, the original Line Developer to share some of his thoughts as we hover our hands over the Launch button.

I am…not surprisingly, pretty emotional now. Leviathans was my first all-original game design. What’s more, it’s a giant love letter–in its way–to BattleTech, which has been in my life for over thirty-five years now. So of course I very much want to see it back on tables.

But that’s only one part. The smallest part. For ten years now, ever since we first launched, every convention, every year, at least one person–and oft-times several–comes up, taps me on the shoulder, and asks politely when Leviathans will be back. And we have a wonderful conversation about our shared passion for this gaming and universe–and gaming and geekdom in general. And then we shake hands and they walk away, having assured me that they will be standing on the dock when the monsters in the sky rise again.

To be a part of such a wonderful, dedicated community. To have had those stories told. To have seen the look of joy in your eyes, reciprocated in my own…that is the emotion. That is the power of what you have helped build. That arm in arm, together, we get to see them fly once more.

I…cannot possibly thank you enough for all of those years of support. For lending your passion when the tanks were dry. And for standing here on that dock, just as we promised each other, all through the years…

Thank you.

Sky Admiral Randall Bills

Backward compatibility

As you have hopefully seen, not a whole lot has changed from the original game. As such most of the old material for the game still will work. The old miniatures will still all be to scale with the new ones. The bases, while not having the new ship tokens, still fit the hexes. Even the ship cards still have almost all the information needed. All that is really missing there is the Anti-Air value. 

So to be clear, all the old material will be fully valid to play with the new material, just with a couple missing bells and whistles.

We will also make available online Ship Cards for the original ships after the Kickstarter.

I hope this clears up any confusion on this subject but if there still is, please feel free to ask. We don’t want to make anyone feel like their old material doesn’t matter anymore, and will try our best to make that a reality.

Alright, this will be the last blog post for a bit. All updates from here until the end of the campaign will be done through the Kickstarter. After that will depend on reception and where people feel is best for information.

Let’s do this Captains, it’s time to once more take our fleets into the sky.

So welcome aboard Captains, and good luck.

Lord Admiral Bryn Bills

HML Leviathan

So very little needs to be said of this ship. A massive vessel of war so powerful, its name and the style of machine are one and the same. Holding the largest guns in Europe, with thick armor on its side and a strong engine pushing it forward, there is truly no weakness nor equal found. This leader of the British navy, the admirals may be more nervous to lose such an iconic ship if not for her invulnerability in battle. But you are certainly free to give it your best chance.

Notable Replies

  1. I totally missed this. Yay! My old ships are still usable! This makes me very happy!

    Also, the last time I asked Randall about Leviathans, it was a look of great sadness in his eyes at all the troubles. I am glad that the return of this wonderful setting is finally here!

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