Britain and Italy enter the war

This post will continue from where we left off last week, as more players join the Great war and new theaters of battle are formed.

  • April 25th- The Great War breaks out in Europe

The British Empire  – As war breaks out all over Europe, Britain, without an official alliance or reason to join the war, doesn’t enter the war at the start. Shortly after the start of the war, Germany reached out to Britain asking for permission to enter Belgium to get to France. Having never settled their disputes with France and not wanting to get between the two countries, Britain agrees to this and as such does not enter the war when Belgium is invaded.

This will all change when reports come in that a Russian air fleet has started moving into Sweden to take control of the country and secure its Steel. Britain, refusing to give Russia direct access to the North Sea, quickly mobilizes its air fleet and moves to stop Russia from taking the peninsula. Unlike the large battles south, The battle of Scandinavia is marked by fast strikes and quick capturing and recapturing of cities using Leviathans.

The war with Russia eventually forces Britain to take a stance on the larger war. Creating an informal alliance with Germany, France and Britain start a brush war along the channel, both not wanting all out conflict between them.

Italy – Italy, having recently taken land from the Ottomans thanks to their newly minted Leviathan fleet, is a country very happy to join a larger conflict in order to bring all Italians under their rule. Both France and Germany tried to entice Italy into joining their coalition. Wanting land from both Austria and France meant that Italy could be drawn to either side easily.

As war broke out Italy was clearly leaning towards joining Germany with the promise of gaining Corsica and Savoy. France, knowing that they were soon going to be surrounded by enemies, promised to hand Corsica over to Italy if they joined their side. Italy, now able to get land from both parties, agreed to this. The day after France handed over Corsica Italy declared war on Germany and Austria-Hungary.

And with that all the major European powers have joined the main war. Japan and America joining the war will be left as another story.

And for people that want more fiction in the Leviathans universe, the first novella set in the Leviathans universe will cover the initial conflicts between Germany and France, laying out their opening moves and showcasing how impactful Leviathans will be on trench warfare (the answer is a lot).

Next week we will take a break from Universe lore and talk about how the game has changed from the 2012 version

See you all then

Bryn Bills