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It’s a humbling feeling to write the first post for a new Leviathans: The Great War website. Sure, we’ve a long, long ways to go. After all, so much playtesting and work left to get us well into next year. Then a Kickstarter. Then production, and so on. So that ship sign is just a whiff of black smoke shredding quickly on the horizon.

Yet, to simply be here at this moment, has taken a lot of years and plenty of work. What’s more, that humbleness comes from all those of you that approached us at every con for well over half a decade with a smile and enthusiasm and a “When do you think we’ll see more Leviathans?” You know exactly who you are…thank you!

Amongst many factors, it was that level of dedication, year after year from many of you, that is enabling this return. I’ve worked in the hobby game industry for over twenty years. And some games—such as BattleTech—will always have first place in my heart, since I’ve been playing that game in particular since I was sixteen. Yet Leviathans was my first all-original game design. It holds a very special place in my heart and passion. And that it also found a place in so many other hearts as well…I simply cannot thank you enough for keeping the faith till now. 

So this is all just the start. A simple website, with flyers next week at Gen Con announcing Leviathans: The Great War will hit Kickstarter next year. In the coming weeks and months we’ll expand the website content, blog monthly about playtesting and development, and more. 

It’s just a start, but it’s a magnificent, wonderful start. I hope you’ll join me—whether you’ve been along this entire path (including Free Taiwan!) or just joining us now—as we head towards fantastic ships on our game tables one more!



Sky Admiral

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  1. Seeing this site live again and reading these posts has put the biggest smile on my face.

  2. Looks awesome. First introduction to this, and already I’m salivating! Huzzah!

  3. Hoping this goes beater this time this game has so much good going for it and so much promise. any idea if the old ships or cards will be playable

  4. As a 1st edition owner I could get on board with this but I have a lot of questions & concerns. If it’s the same offering of Britain & France no thanks .The KS needs to include all the Great Powers that the 1st edition promised & never made good on.

  5. Really, really looking forward to this – have always enjoyed playing this game…. And with plenty of time to save up for the Kickstarter, to boot!

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