The Road to War #4: The Great Powers part 2

Hello! Let’s get right into it this week with the rest of the major powers in Leviathans. Last week we went over the British and French, which were both in the 2012 game, and the Germans and Italians. This time we are going to cover four completely new factions: the Russians, Japanese, Austro-Hungarians, and Americans.

First up we have the Russian Empire. Russia’s victory over Japan in the Russo-Japanese War is considered one of the most important moments in Leviathans history as it’s widely accepted that the deciding factor was the Russian sky fleet’s defeat of the Japanese wet navy. As such the Russian fleet has more overall experience than their competitors in the sky, boasting some of the best Leviathan crews in the world. The average Russian Leviathan does not carry as large an armament as many others do, but its superior crew makes every shot count. One of the unique applications of their crew advantage is a ship designed to move through the fleet and assist in on-the-fly repairs even as the battle rages around them.

The Russo-Japanese War had an even bigger effect on the defeated Japanese leadership. They turned their war doctrine on its head by cutting nearly all support for their wet navy and moving heavily into Leviathan production. They also moved away from large long-range weapons and focused almost completely on devastating short-range volleys. Japanese fleets close the distance as fast as possible before pounding their enemies out of the sky. While fast, the Japanese fleets are not as maneuverable as the Italians and French, so they must be careful to not get into a position that will leave them vulnerable. The creation of the Leviathan Heavy Cruiser is one of Japan’s biggest contributions to Leviathan warfare, giving cruisers the armor they need to survive Battleship volleys until they can get all their guns in range.

Ever since 1866, when an Austrian Battleship rammed and sank an Italian ship to win the battle, the Austro-Hungarian Empire has folded this classical-era doctrine of naval warfare into its fleets. While their wet navy never fully moved over to this tactic, their sky navy was free of the traditions holding back their waterbound cousins. As a result, entire Leviathans were designed around the idea of ramming their enemies out of the sky. While this tactic is mostly be limited to Cruisers, even some Battleships are built with extra armor on the bow if the opportunity should arise.

And finally we have the Americans, who are latecomers to Leviathans production. The USA only started heavily developing its sky navy after events in other parts of the world showed that a lack of Leviathans would leave them vulnerable to a major attack from one of the other great powers. However, their lateness to the arms race means they have made some all-American additions to their Leviathan fleet The US called on inventors like Edison and Tesla to create some of the most unique and powerful weapons and technologies in the world, though using these new toys can often have dangerous consequences for America ships if things go sideways.

That wraps up all 8 great powers for Leviathans. I should mention that while not every nation in the game will get the same treatment as the main factions, that does not mean minor nations won’t be getting their own Leviathans down the line.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and I’ll talk to you again soon.

Bryn Bills

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  1. Excellent rundown and some very unique marks of distinction for each of the remaining four fleets. I had thought I would gravitate toward the American Fleet and I do, but the Japanese Fleet description is very compelling. Running some strafing runs with such fast and powerful Close Quarter Brawlers just might prove to be a better match for my preferences and predilections.

    I can’t wait for the Kickstarter later this Summer!

  2. So something I was wondering. I am a big gamer, particularly in World of Warships (a major reason i’ve been attracted to this game and have the original set with add ons), and i’m wondering if the new sets will be able to incorporate with the old ones? Also, have you considered possibly making such things as unique commanders? For example, they could influence one ship (a flagship Leviathan if you will), and maybe buff speed, or armor, or other factors of that ship. Just a thought

    1. I hope old and new will work together.

      The ‘unique commanders’ idea is a nice one I’d like to see implemented… giving things a bit more humanity/personality.

  3. Well…these design goals definitely clarify your intent for each fleet! I will certainly keep them in mind for future play testing.

  4. Shocked to see this spring back to life. I’ve been hearing about a revamp for years. Now a phoenix rises from the ashes. I hope there’s an upgrade pack planned for the old kit. Please consider 2 All-In pledge offerings. One for everything and another if you’ve got what came before.

  5. And we’re back to crickets. I realize there’s a lot going on now but has this died? There’s been no post for over a month.

  6. As Lou has said above, we all know the world has gone crazy, but I’m counting the days till I hear the Kickstarter has gone live. Is there any updates we can hear about on the game?

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