The Year of The Leviathan

Hello sky captains of 2022. We at Catalyst hope everything has been well for you all. We also hope you are all safe with everything happening in the world.

Another year has passed without a Leviathans kickstarter. Another year has come and gone without beautiful new ships flying through the skies. A lot of reasons have led us here but the short answer is that we were not ready to launch the kickstarter previously.

But this is not 2020 or 2021. This is 2022, the year of the Leviathan. We are extremely happy to proclaim this year will have a Leviathans kickstarter. We are so excited to bring this game back to you. And excited to show off the elements we have been working on.


Here is a selection of some of the ships that have been created for several of the factions that will appear in the kickstarter. 

As you can see we have a wide selection here, though exactly how many factions are in this image I will leave up to all of you to figure out. (These are prints off our 3d printer at home and even then we still think they look great.)

We are creating more ships every week and plan to have a large flotilla ready at launch.


Here we have a sketch design for a Russian cruiser, one of the factions that will be in the Kickstarter.

The Aurora

One thing we have taken extra time on is making sure we get the Leviathans themselves correct, especially for the factions not touched in the original game. We really wanted each faction to have their own feel in both mechanics and look. And those two ideas should complement each other so you feel the miniatures really match what they are doing in the game.

Going with this idea of having the look of Leviathans front and center to the game and world, we also have spent time designing the characters of this world with a similar goal. Many of our characters take clear inspiration from their real world counter parts while clearly designed for the world of Leviathans.

For example here is a Japanese Admiral.

Tai-so Togo Takeshi


Catalyst Game Labs has always loved interconnecting our games and the worlds they are set in. Leviathans will be no exception. We’re planning on a fiction line along side the miniatures game. To what extent this happens will depend on the reception of the stories, but we will have a novella for people to read at Kickstarter launch that will cover the opening movements of the Great War.

The Japanese Admiral above is one of the characters that will play a prominent part in the story of Leviathans. I will talk about him more next week.

Going Forward

We are not ready to give an exact date for the Kickstarter yet, but I can quote the owner of Catalyst in saying it will be “soon”. The moment we have a date we feel good about we will let you know.

Next week we will talk about the new Timeline leading up to the Great War. And there will be a Blog post every week until the Kickstarter launches.

We once again thank you all for your patience! We know you will feel it worth the wait when we all meet in the skies this year.


Bryn Bills

Catalyst Line Developer

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  1. -Does happy dance-

    I am so looking forward to the Kickstarter and to more of this fascinating world. Loved the anthology, so more fiction is definitely welcome.

  2. Smoke on the horizon, a good sight.

  3. This is really great news. Can’t wait to hear more.
    There have been a number of steampunk airship games pop up in the years since Leviathans first appeared, but none of them had the same tactical finesse.

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