From Rychnowski to Ferdinand

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This week we will go over a basic timeline of events starting at Rychnowski’s discovery of Electroid in 1878 to the final events that will culminate in the Great War. This will not be a complete list of everything that happens between these two events but it will provide the context for the start of the war. As we get closer to the Kickstarter we will talk more about some of these events. Also note that many of these events were talked about in the Leviathans Anthology.

  • 1878 – Rychnowski, a polish scientist, discovers Electriod. The process involves large amounts of Electricity running through copper coils to keep it from “evaporating”. While almost any material can be used to create Electroid, it is soon discovered that there’s a distinct sedimentary rock that can facilitate the process the most efficiently. This rock, named Eteroid, would soon be a highly sought after resource.

  • 1890 – The Great Exhibition was held in London with both Britain and France showing to the world their first Leviathans, though these were little more than tugboats by later standards. The great Sky race starts from this, with all major nations starting to develop their own Leviathan programs.

  • 1896 – The Russo Japanese war breaks out. Right as the Russian wet navy is about to be destroyed, their air fleet is able to dive in and not only save the fleet but defeat the Japanese navy at the same time. This moment marks the turning point where the nations of the world look to Leviathans as true weapons of war. This event would kill the Japanese Admiral Togo. His son, Togo Takashi would soon be sent to America to learn about their Leviathans program.

  • 1904 – The French and British attempts to create a lasting peace between the two of them fails to come together. Constant fighting in Africa, pushed forward by the creation of Leviathans, prevents them from settling their disputes on the continent.

  • 1908 – The Russian and British air fleets battle over the mountains of Afghanistan. Neither is able to control the region but the fear of an invasion by Leviathans keeps both sides on edge. The Great Game between the Russians and British never calms down and small skirmishes occur between them all around the world.

  • 1910 – Wanting a Eteroid supply of their own, Japan launches a surprise attack on Chile. The entire Japanese air fleet is mustered, led by Togo Takashi, and loaded with troops. The invasion, known as the Midnight War, started at sunset with Leviathans dropping troops at key points around the capital. The Chilean air fleet did fight back but were heavily outmatched. By the morning the city of Santiago was under Japanese control. Fighting would go on in Chile for years but Japanese control in Chile stayed firm.

  • 1911 – Czar Nicholas and most of his family are killed by a group of assassins. The only surviving member of the royal family is Anastasia Romanov. The assassins are later reported to be British agents, breaking down all relations between the two nations. Anastasia is given the throne of the Russian Empire at the age of 16.

  • 1912 – Massive Eteroid deposits are found in Switzerland. The major powers around Switzerland start moving troops to secure these deposits. In order to stay off war, a conference is held in Berlin. Two major agreements were had at this conference. First, Switzerland would be partitioned between its neighbors, the largest amounts going to Germany and France. Second, any minor nation with Eteroid deposits may be brought under the influence of a Major power. Austria-Hungary soon begins looking for Eteroid in Serbia

  • 1912-1913 – Ridding the wave of anger at Chile’s annexation, Teddy Roosevelt is re-elected as president under the Bull Moose party. In his inaugural speech, he promises to keep all other nations out of American affairs and interests. Soon after this a brush war breaks out between Argentina and Brazil with Argentina getting Japanese support and Brazil receiving US support.

  • 1913 – Austria-Hungary proclaims to the world that they have found Eteroid in Serbia. Using the new international rules from the Partition of Switzerland, Austria-Hungary claims Serbia as their own. Russia ignores their claim and guarantees the independence of Serbia. At this time France and Russia formalize their alliance with each other. Germany and Austria-Hungary do the same. Great Britain, while more friendly to Germany than France, does not form an official alliance with either side.

  • 1914 – Archduke Ferdinand is killed while on a trip to Bosnia. Serbian assassins are blamed for this event and Austria, the reason for conflict in hand, declares war on Serbia two days later. Russia and France soon began their war against Germany and Austria-Hungary. The great war had begun.

Next week we will talk about Britain and Italy entering the war as well as our next fiction piece that will be released alongside the Kickstarter.

See you all then.

Bryn Bills

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  1. Glad to see more posts steaming ahead

  2. Interesting idea on how to involve Japan.

  3. Yes hopefully there will be more books this year

  4. This post could use more polish…

    Polish scientist not polish scientist
    copper not cooper
    throne not thrown
    stave off not stay off

    Feels wierd to me that the US would back Brazil rather than Argentina. Given Argentina is right next to Chile and in greater danger of Japanese Aggression, plus it’s the more western nation (and 10th wealthiest in the world at that time in our own timeline). Makes more sense for the US to cozy up with them to pressure Japan and then Japan grooms Brazil in response in my opinion.

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