Q&A from Boston

Hello Sky Captains.

This week I have found myself in Boston helping out a booth at Pax East. As such this will be a shorter post. 

I wanted to go over a couple questions that have come up over the last few weeks, especially in regards to how old Leviathans material will work with the new product.

Q: Will my old ships still work with the new game and maps?

A: Yes, the map scale will be the same, as will the miniatures. In fact the old ships will also be reprinted with a shiny new coat of paint.

Q: Can I use my old ship cards?

A: Yes, though we will also be selling ship cards with the new format. A couple things will be missing if you use the old cards but we will provide easy rules for how to adapt them to the current game.

Q: Is the old fiction still going to be followed for the Gazetiier?

A: Most of it, yes. There have been some changes we are making but most of it is centered around 1 or 2 things with the goal of what we hope will be an exciting universe to play in. 

Q: Will the kickstarter have every faction?

A: This question is a little more complicated. The Leviathans game line already has all 8 factions (and even some minor factions) slotted into it. However, 8 factions is a lot to launch all at once. As such the kickstarter will focus on some of the factions (more than just 2) with major packages. However every faction, provided the stretch goal is reached, will have at least one ship in the Kickstarter. As the game goes on those factions will then be fleshed out.

I hope these answer the questions you have all had. If you have others, please let me know and I can start answering them with each blog post.

Have a great week and see you next Tuesday.

Bryn Bills

Notable Replies

  1. Thank you for answering these. I have some more questions for you.

    1. Will there be multiple levels of boxed sets (similar to BattleTech’s Beginner Boxed Set and A Game of Armored Combat)?

    2. Is there an estimated quarter of a year for the Kickstarter?

    3. Will the big ships (WildChevy Designs: GenCon floor walk (Catalyst Game Labs: Leviathans)) be making appearances at future Cons?

    4. Are there any more anthologies or fiction coming in the next few months?

  2. As a followup to question #2, will the announced BattleTech Kickstarter interfere with plans for the Leviathans Kickstarter? Does one have to wait for the other to finish? Or could both be occurring at the same time?

  3. Will you be posting a sample of the new cards?

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