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Another short one this week but with two promises going forward.

First, next week I will start going over in more detail what to expect from the kickstarter. We’ll be looking at a more narrow timeframe for the kickstarter besides “this year” as well as what fun things will be in it.

Second, starting this week and going forward, at the end of each of these blogs there will be a short history of a specific ship that will be seen in the Kickstarter. It will cover the purpose of the ship and how it came to be in the world of Leviathans. I hope you enjoy them.

That’s all I have for this week, talk to you all next time.

Bryn Bills

SMS Wolve

After a clash between French and German Leviathans in the Pacific, the Germans quickly realized that they had no response to French torpedo boats. The SMS Wolve and its sister ships were the response. Modified Kolberg Class destroyers, the Wolve and its sisters had most of their weapons stripped, replacing all of it with more armor and a slightly bigger engine. The job of these ships was to dive in the way of torpedoes and tank the hits, preserving the larger and more important members of a fleet.

The entire project was nearly scrapped after the SMS Bear proved unable to protect its Battle Cruiser and both of them were left crippled after a skirmish in Africa. However, the SMS Wolve proved much more able, saving the SMS Baden from multiple torpedoes while only taking minor damage to itself.

Soon after this, Chaff guns were created, and large ships were better able to protect themselves. While this stopped future investments in ships like the it, the Wolve itself was a prized member of the German air fleet. Dubbed the “Wachterin ”, or guardian, the Wolve, now outfitted with Chaff cannons itself, is tasked with protecting the most important ships in the German fleet.

Notable Replies

  1. Looking forward to more of this. I like seeing the backstory behind design differences. I remember seeing this card as a work-in-progress from before.

  2. Just a heads up on a typo.

    “While this stopped future investments in ships like the it,”

  3. Are there any changes to the stats of the one posted some years back?

  4. This post from Bryn doesn’t have any stats, but the description does somewhat match the card previously shown. The old one has lots of armor, high slot defenses, higher speed, and special slots for Chaff.

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