Ever Closer to War

I have some fun things to share with you today. I have art to share as well as details over what to expect from the Kickstarter. Finally, while not an exact date, we will be further closing the gap on when to expect the Kickstarter.

Starting off we have some faction logos. These logos will not be replacing the flags of the world but will be the flags for the air navies of each faction.

This is still being worked on but will hopefully give players an easy brand for their faction that will be clearly Leviathans.


The following list will be products found in the kickstarter. This is not everything but some of the major items.

Faction Boxes

Each faction will have several products to choose from but that main entry product will be the faction box. The faction box will contain the following items

  • 4 miniatures for a complete standard game of Leviathans
  • Tokens for the faction
  • 8-9 ship cards
  • Rules for the faction

These boxes should allow you to have everything you need to put a faction on the board and start playing it right away.

Ship Packs

Outside of the faction boxes there will be ship packs. These will come with 1 or 2 ships, their ship cards and any tokens they may need. These packs will help players expand their fleets however they want. These will also be the only way to get some of the factions that will not be featured in this Kickstarter.

Plenty of Maps

The starter box will have maps for people to use. However, if you do not want the starter box or if you want more maps there will be map packs for purchase, adding new terrain options.

Campaign Box

Following major operations from the Great War,  campaign boxes will give players everything they need to play out historical struggles from the Leviathans timeline. The first box, Operation Hannibal, will take place in the Alps and will see players fight for control of the mountains and its resources.


Well I don’t want to give everything away for what’s coming in the Kickstarter but I hope these give you a good idea of all the fun things we have planned. There are still many more products that will be included with the Kickstarter, some I will save for the Launch, others I will slowly share as we get closer.

On a final note, as we get closer I can say that the Kickstarter will be this Summer.  I’m hoping to have an exact date in the next couple weeks, but we will for sure have a date for you by the end of this month.

That’s all folks. Talk to you next week.

Bryn Bills


No nation in the world has a stronger history with Leviathans than the Ruissians. From the battle of Tushima to then Schmidt munity, they have the most combat experience in the sky. The gunners of the Aurora, most of which being on the crews of smaller ships lost during the Russo-Japanese war, are considered some of the best in the world.

The Aurora was able to prove itself when it faced off against 2 British cruisers in the Afghan mountains. They were able to hit the larger guns on the enemy ships, forcing them to withdraw from the area. The Aurora took little damage during this fight and earned itself a parade when it returned.

The Russian ships are neither the most well armed or armored, but ships like the Aurora prove that they have no need to be.

Notable Replies

  1. Oooo…closer and closer. I can’t wait.

    I have some questions for you.

    1. Factions - You said in the Q&A from Boston that if all the planned stretch goals are reached, then all of the 8 big factions would have at least 1 ship in the kickstarter. Reading the descriptions of the Faction Boxes and the Ship Packs I read that to mean not all of the big 8 factions will have a Faction box, is that right?

    2. If 1 is right and the stretch goals are met, does that mean all 8 of the big factions will show up in at least a Ship Pack if not in a Faction Box?

    3. Could any factions outside of the Big 8 factions show up in the Ship Packs?

    4. Campaign Box - Are these bigger than Faction Boxes?

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