So What’s left?

The last month has seen multiple trips and people down with covid so a little delay this time.

Last time I said we would go into more detail about a faction. However, we are going to push that as I have much more exciting things to share from art to production samples. In addition, I wanted to layout for everyone exactly what we at Catalyst we are working on and need in order to get the Kickstarter out.

So first, we have Russian ships to show off!

Russian Battleship
Russian Crusier

Russian Destoyer

With these ships we can official add the Russians to the list of factions that will be fully included in the Kickstarter. I cant tell you how exited I was to get these ships in, I think their quality speaks for themselves.

In addition to this, we got in ship samples from our factory that we will be going through.

While not full production samples we are incredibly happy with their quality.

So with both of these out of the way, that leaves us with the big question. What exactly is keeping us form having a Leviathans Kickstarter right now. Well I will literally lay it all out for you.

The following is still needed for a Leviathans Kickstarter:

  • Russian Fleet
  • Ship samples
  • Kickstarter Graphics
  • Kickstarter video
  • Final product pricing
  • Banner art
  • Box art

As you can hopefully see, this is a small list. With the samples and Russian fleet we are that much closer. As things get marked off this list we will let you know, which should also be a great marker for how close we are to the Kickstarter Launch. We are powering away on these last things.

As a final note, to make up for the gap, I will post the blog post that I was originally going to do this time around tomorrow, so see you all tomorrow.

Bryn Bills

Notable Replies

  1. I like the consistency of the artwork. It looks almost like the Type 1 was the base model and each increasing size just started from the Type 1 and bulked it up more.

  2. I’d like to see a ruler next to the ships to give us an idea of how large the smaller ships will be.

  3. They are supposed to be compatible with the original game so the destroyer should be approximately 2 inches and the battleship about 4 inches. I think cruisers we’re about three inches but I’d have to check.

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